Non-USD stablecoins usually struggle to be liquid and constantly trade at their peg, preventing them from attaining the network effect required to develop a healthy ecosystem.

Jarvis Network's mission is to create a liquid infrastructure for non-USD stablecoins (i.e. on-chain Forex market) and a whole ecosystem of services such as access to the on-chain liquidity, credit without Forex risk, saving in multiple currencies, hedging and leveraged trading on the Forex, international and domestic payments, fiat on and off-ramps in any local currencies, etc.

The protocol's roadmap and its governance actions shall reflect this ethos.

Our mission is not to achieve a monopolistic position nor have user-facing products but to be a" liquidity infrastructure" for other non-USD stablecoins issuers. That being said, we encourage builders wanting to build jFIAT-first products such as wallets, trading platforms etc.

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