JARVIS token

๐Ÿšง As of today, the tokenomics have not been implemented yet. The information on this page can change in the future.

JRT holders must migrate their JRT tokens to JARVIS at https://jarvis.money/migrate.

The max supply of JARVIS is 42M, so the JRT -> JARVIS migration is not 1:1, but 13.4523809524:1.

JARVIS holders can use their JARVIS tokens or their JARVIS-ETH LP tokens to participate within the governance of the Jarvis Network.


JARVIS-ETH LP tokens must be staked to mint stJARVIS at https://jarvis.money/tokenomics by depositing JARVIS and ETH at the same time in the desired AMM.

The number of stJARVIS minted depend on the number of JARVIS deposited and on the weight balance of the AMM:

  • 50/50 pool: 1 JARVIS deposited mints 1 stJARVIS.

  • 80/20 pool: 1 JARVIS deposited mints 0.5 stJARVIS.

  • 98/2 pool: 1 JARVIS deposited mints 0.25 stJARVIS.

Voting power

JARVIS and stJARVIS provide voting power to govern the protocol and its treasury.

The protocol builds its treasury through different revenue streams:

  • Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) in primary and secondary markets (Liquidity Pools, AMM, money markets).

  • Commissions on the interest generated by the collateral lent on money markets (Liquidity Pools, Credit Lines, Wrappers).

  • Origination and repayment fees from the Credit Line.

  • Treasury management (trading, lending, farming, etc.).

  • Bonds and token sales.

Staking rewards

stJARVIS holders can claim part of the revenues of the protocol as well as the underlying yield generated by their LP tokens (trading fees and emission). stJARVIS holders can also claim any future token launched by the Jarvis Network.


stJARVIS provides boosting power to increase the revenues of LP in the Liquidity Pools and of borrowers in the Credit Line.

By default, LPs and borrowers earn 40% in-kind of the interest generated by lending out the collateral on money markets. The other 60% is used to buy back JARVIS on the market. These JARVIS are shared amongst LPs and borrowers according to their boost.

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