Stability mechanism

jFIATs are listed on various exchanges, with their price fluctuating freely due to the trading activity. Since Liquidity Pools allow buying and selling jFIATs at the oracle price and without price impact, arbitrageurs can quickly correct any misprice on secondary markets.


If the price of jEUR on Balancer is higher than it should be, an arbitrageur can:

  • Buy jEUR from a Synthereum pool and sell them on Balancer at a higher price, making an instant profit;

  • Borrow jEUR from a Credit Line, sell them on Balancer, and repurchase them at a lower price on a Synthereum pool to repay their loan.

This operation will push down the price on Balancer, making it closer to the actual market price.

Eventually, other stablecoins can use jFIATs convertibility to their collateral to help them with their peg and liquidity. These stablecoins can be paired with their jFIATs equivalent in a stable pool or request the launch of a Wrapper.

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