Pools rewarded

The program rewards the liquidity provision in the following pools on Balancer:
You need to stake your LP token to earn BAL token.​

Yield optimizer

Alternatively, you can stake your LP token in a yield optimizer:
​Beefy allows you to sell your BAL and reinvest them in the pools to auto-compound your rewards.

How to acquire the tokens

jEUR 0x4e3D…fB4c​
agEUR 0xe0b5…7db4​
jBRL 0xf2f7…d722​

2brl 0xe224...f4ba​

bb-am-usd 0x48e6...8085​

  • bb-am-usd can be acquired by depositing USDC and/or DAI and/or USDT in the usd-bb-am Balancer pool.
  • bb-am-usd can be bought on Defillama.