You can help maintaining yield and liquidity by recycling part of your yield into vote incentives on Hidden Hands, Warden, or StakeDAO.
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Pools rewarded

The program rewards the liquidity provision in the following pools on Balancer:
You need to stake your LP token to earn BAL token.​

Yield optimizer

Alternatively, you can stake your LP token in a yield optimizer:


Aura increases the yield by allocating its veBAL to maximize the boost and by distributing additional AURA tokens.
Beefy increases the yield by compounding your rewards: they automatically sell the BAL you receive and reinvest them in the pools to increase your position.

How to acquire the tokens

  • VCHF can be bought on Defillama.
  • VCHF can be minted with CHF on VNX.
  • VCHF can be bridged on Polygon using VNX.