Pools rewarded

The program rewards the liquidity provision in the following pools:
  • Curve: 4eur (jEUR+PAR+EURS+EURT)
  • KyberSwap: DEN-MAY22-4eur

How to acquire the tokens

You can of course acquire these tokens using the 4eur pool on Curve, or any aggregator such as​


The program aims at attracting at least $3M of liquidity.


  • The program starts at block 26508000​
  • The program ends at block 28150000​

Reward token

The DEN-MAY22 storage contract was initially seeded with:
  • $87.5k worth of JRT (2,149,800 JRT)
  • $87.5k worth of MIMO (983,146 MIMO)

Contract addresses

jEUR token
PAR token
EURS token
EURT token
DEN-MAY22 token
4eur pool
DEN-MAY22-4eur pool
Storage contract
Staking contract
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