Pools rewarded

The program rewards the supplying of liquidity for the following Midas markets:

  • jAUD

  • jCNY

  • jMXN

  • jSEK


The program aims at attracting at least $6M of liquidity.


  • The program starts the 10/03/22 at 1PM GMT

  • The program ends the 12/03/22 at 2PM GMT

Reward token

The JRT are distributed as follow:

  • 25K JRT for the jAUD market

  • 25K JRT for the jCNY market

  • 60K JRT for the jMXN market

  • 25K JRT for the jSEK market

Contract addresses

jAUD token

jCNY token

jMXN token

jSEK token

JRT token

jAUD market

jCNY market

jMXN market

jSEK market

Distribution contract

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