Pools rewarded

The program rewards the liquidity provision in the following pools:

  • Curve: 2jpy (jJPY+JPYC)

  • KyberSwap: SES-FEB22-2jpy

How to acquire the tokens

You can of course acquire these tokens using the 2jpy pool on Curve, or any aggregator such as


The program aims at attracting at least $1M of liquidity.


Reward token

The SES-FEB22 storage contract was initially seeded with:

  • $62k worth of JRT (933,847 JRT)

  • $21k worth of UMA (2,210 UMA)

Sestertius program

jJPY token

jPYC token

2jpy token

SES-FEB22 token


Storage contract

Staking contract

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